He broke my heart episode 6

He broke my heart episode 6

To my amazement, I saw the one who has caused me so much pain in the last few days, standing behind me. I quickly turned my face and focused on the pastor.

“Good afternoon pastor. I’m sorry for disappointing you”. Tope said, on his knees and in tears.

“Stand up Tope, it’s God you have sinned against not me”. pastor said.

“Pastor, I have sinned against God, you, Jenny and everyone. I don’t know what came over me”. He continued. He even prostrated on the ground and was crying seriously.

I was really fighting tears, but i couldn’t anymore especially when he prostrated on the floor and was crying like a baby.

Pastor quickly stood up from his seat and raised Tope up.

Tope knelt in front of me and held my hands.

“Babe, I can explain. I never had anything to do with Tara, I swear. Not until two months ago, when she sent me a text message. Here, have it and read”. Tope said.

Hello Tops, I know you might be surprised to see this message from me. I have loved you since the day we accidentally met in the Bank, and then few weeks later Jenny introduced you to me as her fiance, back then in the Uni. but I could not tell you. please don’t tell Jenny. Jenny has been deceiving you all this while. She has someone in the States and they have been planning marriage. Don’t say a word to her about this please, so that she wouldn’t call me a snitch.

“Pastor, this is too much for me to bear”. I cried.

“Daughter, remember you have handed over this battle to the Lord, don’t take it again. leave it to God to handle” said my Pastor.

“But pastor, how could Tara do such a thing to me”. I said

“She might have said so many bad things but I could not confront you, because she said i should not ask you anything. And all the while it was like a veil covered my face. It was as if she used a spell. Tope said.

I told Tope to stand up but he refused until I forgive him.

Then the pastor told him to stand up which he did. Then the pastor asked me if all Tara said about me were true.

“No sir, I don’t have anyone I’m planning to get married to in the U.S. My elder brother lives there, that’s all”. I said.

The pastor then began to talk to me about forgiveness, using Jesus Christ as a perfect example, how he forgave the people who crucified him. And also Stephen, how he forgave the people who stoned him, even when he was at the verge of death. It was not an easy task for me, but I sincerely forgave him from my heart, knowing that anyone can make a mistake.

“Tope, I have forgiven you from my heart, but I cannot marry you anymore” I dropped the bomb.

Tope went on his knees again. “Jennifer, please have mercy on me. I messed up big time, but you would not understand. What will I tell my parents and friends? Our wedding is just two weeks away. I know that I wronged you and I don’t even deserve your forgiveness, bur for the sake of Christ, our love and whatever it is that we have shared, please forgive me. Whatever punishment you mete out to me, I will bear it but please don’t completely push me out of your life” Tope was weeping like a baby.

“Tope, can I ask you a sincere question? If I was the one that did what you did, would you even give me listening ears? Will you forgive me and still get married to me? Be sincere”. I said

Without giving him the opportunity to reply me, I continued. “You don’t know how much you have betrayed me. We have maintained sexual purity all through our relationship of five years, is this the best way to pay me back?”.

“You have no idea how much I have cried and battled since the day this incident occurred. I feel like a fool who has failed God, my pastor, my mentor, my mentees, you and virtually everyone. But, remember this can happen to anyone. I never planned this. I was taken unawares and caught off-guard. I don’t have a single excuse for doing this to you”. Tope said amidst tears.

“I cannot marry you Tope. You betrayed my trust in you. I’m sorry”

watch out for episode 7.

What do you think about this story? If you were Jennifer will you continue with the marriage? Be honest, sincere and open.


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