He broke my heart 😭😭….. Episode 1


My world slowly crumbled, like a house built on a shaky foundation, which collapsed when heavy rain fell. His name is Tope.

Tope was a handsome young man with a promising future; though from a very poor family. He is as intelligent as a computer machine. He has this well-carved beards, that was always neatly shaved. It was always perfect as though his barber is made from heaven.

He is slender, tall and when he walks; he lifts one leg slowly, followed by the other, in a grand style. The scent of his perfume always sweet, making any girl want to be lost in his arms at all time.

Well, he was also the talk of the fellowship and every lady wanted him.

When he sings, the melody of his voice resonates with my heart. He came for me. I was so elated when he asked me out, it didn’t take weeks before I gave him a big YES. We were in love, everyone around us could testify that we were love birds.

Five months after we met, he took me to his house and introduced me to his family. They all welcomed and accepted me as his fiancee.

Time flies so fast, before you know it, we had graduated and we preparing for our marriage. The days were becoming very slow, I couldn’t wait for the day that I will walk down the aisle majestically with my heart throb. Preparations were ongoing.

Two days to my traditional marriage, I began to feel uneasy, but couldn’t place the nostalgic feeling.

It was unusual, I began to feel cold. I quickly dialled Tope’s number; he was not picking. I got scared that something must have happened to him. I rushed to the bathroom as though I was being chased by a kangaroo. I quickly showered and dressed up, forgetting to even apply powder not to talk of make-up on my face.

I rushed out of the house, still dialling Tope’s number. He wasn’t picking. I called his mum to ask if Tope was fine. She said “The last time I spoke to Tope was three days ago”.

I decided to go to his house. I could feel my heart pounding so fast, as if a pestle was being used to pound yam in my chest region.

When I got to his house. Blood stains greeted me on the corridor. I died twice. I began to shed tears and to scream “No! No!. It can’t be my Tope. My Tope must not die. As I screamed and ran inside his room guess what I saw.

I saw Tope and my best friend Tara struggling to put on their clothes, both were sweating.

As soon as I saw them struggling to cover themselves, I literally fainted.

I woke up on the hospital bed. My head ached as though someone was using pestle to pound it. I was trying so hard to understand why I was in a hospital.

Then the door opened, and I saw Tope walked in. Immediately my memory came alive and I began to recount what had happened earlier.

Tears became my constant companion…….

I screamed and asked him to walk out. He came to my bed side. I was still screaming. A nurse walked in.

I was trying to tell her that I don’t want to see Tope but then my mouth was so heavy, all I could do was cry. Thank God the nurse understood. She politely asked him to leave, which he did.

Then she injected me with what seemed like a painkiller and immediately my worries disappeared like they never existed and I slept off like a baby…..

I woke up, everywhere was dark.

My memories came alive again, I began to remember all that transpired. And I asked myself questions that I could not answer…..

What did I do to Tope, to deserve this?

When did he start cheating on me with my best friend?

Why would Tara betray me??

Tara knows all my secret. Tara is even supposed to be my chief bridesmaid.

How? When? Where?

While I was having all this thoughts? Something quickly flashed to my mind. I held my mouth to stop me from screaming……..

So all the signals I have been seeing, so this is what it meant?? I couldn’t believe it.

Do you want to know the signs, I had been seeing but never took it to heart?

Then watch out for Episode 2. It’s gonna be ghen ghen πŸ’ƒ

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