He broke my heart 😭😭😭 Episode 5


I began sobbing again while my pastor talked to me, but this time, I was able to talk to him. He asked me to see him the following day in his office.

I was wondering why Tope had not called to apologize to me or even send messages to explain himself. Well, I discarded those thoughts 🙅.

I had not eaten any food since i got back from the hospital. I had no appetite. It was getting late, but then sleep was not forthcoming. I tried singing but could not even find my voice.

I tried praying but could not also find the right words.

A song kept ringing in my heart. I quietly began to sing.

“He sees every weakness, every trial, every mountain and sea. He sees every teardrop and He wipes them for me. I get down on my knees and I say Jesus help me please. One thing is for certain; is my God answers prayer.

You can listen to the song here. Your faith will be boosted in God.

I suddenly screamed aloud with the little strength inside of me. “Jesus help me please, this is too much for me to bear. I can’t bear this anymore, I am broken into pieces, I need you to fix me” I was crying to Jesus.

Sad face.

My sister jerked from her sleep and was praying in tongues aloud. While crying to God, I felt as though someone was literally rubbing and patting my back.

I began to pray in tongues. Ever since this fiasco, I had not been able to pray, I had lost every strength to talk to God.

I prayed in new tongues and by the time I was done praying, it was 4:30am. I slept like a baby and woke up 12pm. When I woke up, the pain was no longer there. I felt very light.

Then I remembered my pastor asked that I see him in His office. So I quickly took my bath, dressed up with so much joy in my heart, the kind of joy I’d not felt for five days. It has been from one agonizing pain to the other.

I felt so much peace in my heart and from nowhere appetite came. I quickly prepared indomie, ate it very well with excitement and then I headed for my pastor’s office.

As I entered and greeted the pastor, He was on a call, so he beckoned on me with his hands to sit. He then stood up and went outside the office. After about 15 minutes, he came back and started:

“Daughter, you are beaming with smiles and you look all happy, telle the transformation that took place within just yesterday to today”.

“Daddy, I wish I could explain. All I know is that, I decided to cast my burdens on the Lord. I cried to Him and it was a time of encounter for me.

I literally felt the hand of God upon me. After I was done with the prayers, I felt peace in my heart. The hurt is still there but it’s nothing compared to the peace I’ve felt”. I said

“That’s amazing”. Pastor said

“Yes sir, I feel so free”. I said.

“Daughter, I want to tell you something that the Lord revealed to me. There are altars fighting you that you don’t know of. You are the first child. The devil is fighting your destiny. Ask your mother, she has gone through similar experience”. My Pastor said.

My mouth was wide opened, such that plenty flies could make their abode there.

I was shocked beyond words. “But how comes my mum never discussed such with me” I thought.

“Pastor, what exactly are you saying”. I asked in shock and bewilderment.

“When you go home, just ask your mum, if she has experienced such, after which you should call me”. Pastor said.

“Okay pastor”. I said.

“In addition to this, I would want you to take out 7 days to pray and fast, listen to Apostle Joshua Selman’s messages on marriage, prayer and deliverance. Pray for this circle to be broken, else it will transcend to your siblings”. Pastor said.

“Pastor, this is unbelievable 😳. Do you know that my sister has gone through similar experience”? I said it as if something rang a bell of remembrance in my head.

“Now, you see what I am saying. If you don’t fight this altars, the recycling will continue to take place. You must change it in the place of warfare prayer”.

Then there was a knock on the pastor’s door.

“Come in” the pastor said.

Guess who came in………

Watch out for Episode 6. It’s gonna be truly revealing. You will never understand how altars and patterns recycle and keeps one bounded.

Click this link to watch episode 6 https://afrohits.com.ng/he-broke-my-heart-episode-6/


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