He broke my heart 😭😭😭 Episode 3


When I saw the her, I was dumbfounded and all I could mutter was “how……….. Who………. Did……….”…

I was just stammering and she said “don’t worry, I’m here to stay with you, until this is over”……. Well, that person is my immediate younger sister.

I suddenly bursted, like a tyre waiting to explode. I began to wail like a woman who just lost her husband. 😭😭.

My sister, held me gently to her body, I wailed until I lost all the strength in my body. I stood up to take my bath, as soon as I stood up, my eyes were turning 360 degrees… I fell back on the bed….

My younger sister was fighting tears. She has never seen me cry this hard. I have always been the strong woman in my house. I was someone who has mastered the art of controlling my emotions….. No matter how hurt I am, I know how to hide it…….

I have had 4 failed relationships in the past until I met Tope……

My first boyfriend left me because I refused to have sex with him.

My second boyfriend broke up with me after we had dated for 4 years, he said he was fed up……

My third boyfriend loved me for real. We loved each other, he asked for sex I couldn’t refuse him so that he wouldn’t leave me like the first guy. So I allowed him have sex with me. After everything, he still walked away….. 😭😭

Am I under a curse?? 🤒🤒

Is there a monitoring spirit following me? 😭😭

How can something like this happen?

Abi village people are doing me?

I kept asking myself……. I stood up again to take my bath, this time around my sister helped me to the bathroom, she bathed me… I had lost every ounce of strength. I felt as light as tissue paper.

I was like someone who has battled with chronic diarrhea for two days.

I sent my sister to get me sleeping pills, she hurried to the pharmacy to get it.

When she came home, her countenance was sad. I asked what happened. “Nothing” she said 😕…. I swallowed the pills, and slowly I drifted to the land of sweet sleep, where I would know no sorrow.

(May the good Lord comfort the heart broken and mend their hearts..🙏🙏).

It’s actually not easy… Heart break is not a good experience.. 🙏🙏

I took overdose of the sleeping pills, by the time I was wide awake, I discovered I had slept for 13 hours straight. 😳

I did not see my sister in the room, so I went straight to the parlour, then outside, still no sign of her.

I was feeling really hungry but there was no appetite so I boiled water and drank to keep body and soul together. I took my bath and sat down on my bed.

My sister then came in with two fancy bags, one contained fruits, the other contained cashew nuts, chocolates ,different types and flavours of biscuits, and other yummy things. I asked where she got them from.

“A friend of mine, whom I informed that I’m in town, took me out and got them for me”.

My sister noticed I was not even interested in the things, sat down with me on the bed and asked that I tell her what really happened to me. I bursted into tears again while recounting all that happened. My sister was shocked to her bones. 😳😳

“A strange number called me and asked if I was your sister. I responded positively and then he asked that I rush down to Lagos, my head started spinning and the rate at which my heart was pounding, the closest person to me might hear it. I asked if all was well. He said he had everything under control, and that I should not panic. 😔

He said you were in an emotional condition, he said I should be calm and when I arrive Lagos I should not ask you questions until after a while. He told me to keep calm, he was going to bring you back home from the hospital. He even asked for the description of your house, which I gave him, cause he sounded sincere and like a Saviour”. She said.

“No wonder he did not even pay attention when I was describing the house to him, on our way home, from the hospital
I said 😏.

I was broken to the point that I thought I was going to run mad. How can I face my parents? My friends? My church? My marriage committee? My Pastor?

My pastor, Pastor Ade once called me after our weekly meeting and these were his exact words. “Not all that glitters is gold”. I asked him to explain further what he meant but he counselled me to pray about it and God would reveal all that I need to know…

I handled it with laxity. I never had the slightest idea that he was referring to my marriage with Tope.

I then picked up my phone  to call my pastor, but on a second thought, I dropped the phone. Then I thought of calling Tara to lash out at her for being a snitch and a betrayer.

As I picked up my phone, I searched for her contact but couldn’t find it, I checked my WhatsApp, text messages but no trace whatsoever of her number. So I dropped my phone.

I sent my sister to withdraw some cash from the ATM close to the house. Not up to 10 minutes, after she had gone out, I heard a knock on the door.

I was hesitant at first, the person kept knocking but I wouldn’t make a move. Whoever it was at the door was persistent , then I went to the door to open and guess who was there?

The angel that brought me back from the hospital. I said hello to him.

“Your eyes are still swollen and red; Don’t tell me you have been crying”. Paul said.

Broken beyond words.

As soon as I opened my mouth to say something, tears were just dropping. Then I begged him to leave, amidst tears. 😪😪  At first, he refused but when he saw the genuineness and plea in my eyes, he turned to go.

As he got to the door and opened it, someone walked in from outside. I screamed and said “Paul, please come back and walk this person out”. The whole world stood still.

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Ghen ghen 💃💃 the story is getting more hot and interesting.

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