Joy’s rape experience. Joy tells how she met this beautiful girl that got raped

It was past 10pm, I was on my way home, the path to my house was lonely. It was so dark that I could barely see objects.

When I got very close to my house, just around a corner, I heard someone sniffing, at first I was scared ……….. I almost ran back to the other street, but ‘for where’ being a military officer, I summoned courage and shouted hey! Who is there?.

When I flashed my light , I saw young girl, with tears rolling down her cheeks with her mouth tied

Thinking of possible dangers, I quickly went to the girl and untied her mouth, being an African woman I was scared so as not to be involved with a ghost, on the other hand being a child of God, haha, I began blasting in tongues kabaladoski reketebakade! I quickly held her hand and brought her into my house. I turned my inverter on and there was light in the house.
What I saw shocked me!
You want to know???
I will surely tell you.

I saw blood stains on her body and on the tiles in my sitting room. I was moved to tears but then I struggled to fight the tears, knowing her plight, I took her to my bathroom, and bathed her with warm water. While doing this , I saw bruises all over her private part.

Thank God I have little bit knowledge of first aid, I poured salt inside the water and washed that area, after bathing her I applied Vaseline on the bruises.

She could hardly walk, I carried her to my room, dressed her up in one of my night wear though it swallowed her. I asked if she was hungry, she nodded. I prepared indomie and egg for her, with a cup of hot tea.

When she was done eating, I prayed with her and told her to sleep. She fell asleep almost immediately. But I could not sleep, remember I didn’t even know this girl but my human heart reached out to her, I began to cry. You know why? I could imagine the pain, the trauma associated with what had happen to her. RAPE!!!!

I prayed and prayed till 2am, amidst tears I slept off. I woke up 6am for my devotion, I had to go to work by 8am but then I needed to ask her what happened the previous night so I called my boss in the office that I will be late a bit. Around 7am she was awake, I prayed with her and asked her name, she said her name is Jennie.

I hugged her so close, patted her at the back and asked if she has parents, she said her parents were dead. Tears rolled down my eyes freely, I asked who she was staying with, she told me she was staying with her aunty. I cursed the aunt under my breath. Then I asked what happened, she narrated the incident to me.

She said in the evening around 6pm, her aunty sent her to go out and buy vegetable and pepper for soup, on her way to the shop she misplaced the money, she searched for it but could not find it. She became scared because the aunt is harsh, always beating her at the slightest provocation, she summoned courage to tell her aunt. This got her a serious punishment and she sent her out of the house threatening her to go get the money or never come back to her house, hmm

I began to imagine how devilish and demonic humans could be. I told Jennie to pause because she was seriously crying and shaking. I cleaned her eyes and told her all will be fine. When she as a bit relaxed I asked her to continue her narration. She said it was already night, she was just roaming about the street, looking for the money when a man beckoned on her to come, she went to meet the man, he closed her mouth with a rag and since everywhere was dark, no one saw them, she was shouting, since her mouth was tied, nobody heard her.

The man pushed her to the corner where I found her, tore her cloth and forcefully raped her. I could not stop crying, both of us were crying. I cleaned my eyes and asked her to take me to her aunty’s house.

When we got there, we knocked, her aunt opened the door, on seeing me in my uniform and Jennie she began to shiver, I walked past her and entered the living room. It was well furnished with beautiful cushions, a big plasma television on the wall, beautiful tiles, then I began to wonder why such a well to do woman (from the look of things) would ask that young girl to look for such ridiculous amount. I felt there was more to it. I did not say a word to her, I just called my boss and asked him to send two officers to where I was.

Within few minutes they were there already, I asked them to arrest her for questioning, we left in our patrol vehicles. When we got to the office, I interviewed her, from all she said, there was malice aforethought, her intentions towards the girl was evil. I did not even tell her that the girl was raped. I simply asked her why such a young girl should be on the street at that time of the night.

Then I told her that Jennie was raped. I waited for her reaction!
I thought she will be remorseful. She just hissed and that was when the Tiger in me leaped. I did not know when I gave her a dirty slap and told her that she could be charged to court. I requested for her husband’s phone number.

When I called him to narrate the incident to him, as he was out of town.

As I was talking with the aunt’s husband, he began to apologize on behalf of his wife and told me that his wife maltreats the girl and each time he tries to stop her, she accuses him of having interest in the girl. He pleaded with me to take her to the hospital as he will take care of the bills and pay for damages. I hung up and told the woman that she is a disgrace to womanhood, I added that she will live to see Jennie’s glory.

I requested to have Jennie stay with for the main time, my request was granted. I took care of her, my joy had no band as I was able to lead her to Christ, she’s a sound Christan now.
I’m happy to have contributed to humanity and I hope to do more. Jannie is in 300 level now in the University.

1. How best can we treat rape victims?

Because it took me serious time before I could her her emotion healed.

2. As women or men, how do you treat children or young people who stay with you?

There are many children suffering because they are staying with relatives.

3. Why in God’s name do men rape?

If you have been a victim of rape of abuse by a man or men please feel free to chat me up privately, I can help you through the healing process. Thank for reading guys, I truly appreciate.

#fiction written by JOYIM
Joyim Zamdayu

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