The ‘Care’ part of healthcare in Nigeria’s Healthcare system is missing.


Just so you know and understand that I did not just come up with this conclusion, I did my research. Let me start by saying some few things;

Patients go to the hospital when it is practically too late. Most times, they go to the hospital when their health conditions have reached a point of no return. At this point, there is nothing the healthcare professional/facility can actually do for them than to manage their present health condition until God finally calls them home.

This actually means that, there are some illnesses that are actually present in our bodies that we don’t know about and for us to help ourselves, we need to undergo certain tests and checkups. The liver for example is the largest internal organ in the body and it can still be functioning even after 70% of it function is gone. Until when it gets to 80% sometimes before the patient will start experiencing signs and symptoms of Liver failure.
What am trying to say here is that, there should be a system to constantly remind individuals on the importance of comprehensive medical checkups which is very important.

We need to start caring for our patients. PHOTO: BIGCARE

Now, Money is actually a limiting factor to some individuals but I got to understand that with constant counseling on the importance of the medical checkups most patients source the money to do this tests. This comprehensive medical tests are many but individuals can undergo them base on their financial capabilities and can even go as low as doing this tests one after the other.

I was in a pharmacy one day, when a young boy came complaining of mild headache and tiredness. He was given a drug to take and few hours later, the boy was rushed back to the pharmacy with some things on his body like skin eruptions. The pharmacist said he was suffering from hypersensitivity reaction. I was made to understand that the child has inherited the problem from his parents but my question was that, is there no way the medical facility will have that information saved somewhere in order to prevent the occurrence of such in the first place? and also a means in which other healthcare facilities could also have access to that information about the boy so that whenever he goes other healthcare centers, he won’t have to worry about anything anymore. If there was a system to have all our records in check, I am very sure what happened to that boy would not have happened.

Pharmacists need to start caring for their patients. PHOTO: BIGCARE

personally I feel when a patient buy a drug in a pharmacy, there should be a follow up mechanism to make sure the drug will not have a detrimental effect on the patient. And also a follow up mechanism to know if the drug dispensed to that patient has actually fulfilled it purpose.

Our healthcare professionals don’t fully care for us here in Nigeria. The health is there, because when you are sick and you go to the hospital, they will treat you and make sure you get better. Prevention they say is better than cure, why can’t they help us prevent certain illness than allowing us to suffer.

This message is for our healthcare professionals, what do we have to say about this?

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