Important Reasons Why Guys Leave “Good Girls”


Important Reasons Why guys Leave “Good girls”
We have all wondered why most times guys always tend to leave good girls for other girls despite how good they are.
We have taken a good look into it and we have found out three (3) reasons why guys leave innocent good girls.

1. Respect

If there is anything a man loves from his woman then that will be respect. Every man wants his woman to respect him in every circumstance, in his weakness and greatness. A woman is a key to her man’s greatness and every lady out day needs to understand how serious this is. No matter how good and beautiful you are, once you can not respect your man then he can never build a life with you.

2. Competition

Your relationship must have been competitive. A man must never compete with a woman for who will be in charge in a relationship as it will make him feel less of a man. This should be kept in mind as it is very important.
This does not mean that the man should take 100 percent control of the relationship as it will seem not fair to both lovers. A good and successful relationship has mutual understanding where both parties have control in certain areas. If this level can not be attained, then there will always be competition and by the end of the day the relationship dies.

3. Pressure

A man can feel pressure when his woman wants more affection, more sex and more Love than what he has been giving. Most men run away from pressures that are emotional because the man will feel anything he does is not good enough.
This can make a man lock his heart in a box and not want to commit to a good woman.

This reasons are very important when looked into properly. As you read this think very well about it. If you are a good woman and you have lost your man because of any of the reasons above, now its time to adjust and get him back into you life.

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At last we now have good information here to help you live your love life.

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