Hoe Stories Trending On Whatsapp TV’s


There is a latest trend on social media TV’s. This particular one is called @Uniilorinhoestories

Lately most TV’s on Whatsapp particularly have been posting hoe stories of different individuals randomly from different locality in Nigeria. They talk about everything about romance and sex and it seems most young individuals are actually enjoying every bit of the this trend on social media.

Below are some of the latest stories;

Page 1

All stories feels very true and real.

Page 2

This messages are posted on whatsapp TV’s

Page 3

They talk about dating, romance, sex and other adult rated activities

Page 4

This messages are trending on other social media channels too.

Page 5

There is nothing we won’t see on social media. I got to understand that most times, people do such just for fun and the joy they derive in doing it.



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