He broke my heart Episode 9


“Dear Jesus, what will you do if you were in my shoes. Will you forgive Tope and marry him?”

I heard a voice say,

“On the cross, I was in pains, yet I forgave an offender who pleaded for mercy; You are not perfect also, I have forgiven you times without number. There is no big sin and small sin. All sins are sin in my sight. Fornication is not greater than lies. Remember Stephen? He forgave those who stoned him to death”.

“But Jesus, this is so hard”. I cried.

“Going to the cross was also very hard for me. Do you know what I went through?”

“But that is why you are Jesus nah”. I said.

“And that is also why you are my daughter”.

“Okay Lord, I forgive him from the depth of my heart, but I cannot marry him. He cheated on me with my best friend. He should suffer for the hurt he caused me. I was loyal to him.”

“Really ? Do you remember when you went to see Taye in Lagos, and how you almost let him sleep with you, if not for my mercies that reached out to you? That was why I told you that you are not perfect.

Well, the truth is that, I had not really forgotten, but I just didn’t see it as a big deal.

I actually travelled to Lagos exactly five months to my wedding, I went for a job interview, the interview was slated for Saturday. I went to Lagos two days before the interview date. The evening I arrived Lagos, I was to stay at a friend’s place. I informed her about the journey and she was okay with it.

The day I got to Lagos, I called her numbers, but to no avail. It was switched off.I was at the car park for almost 3hours. Night was approaching. All effort to call her proved abortive.

So I decided to call Taiye, hoping that he would connect me with a female friend of his; since he was based in Lagos.

I had known Taiye from secondary school. He was ahead of me with two classes. He asked me to be his girlfriend when I was in SS 1, but I declined knowing that relationship was going to be a distraction to me and my parents warned us sternly ( I and my sisters) not to engage in anything “relationship”.

He picked my call, and promised to meet me at the car park within few minutes. In my mind, I was like “ah! Thank God oh! What if Taiye did not pick his call, what will I do? Knowing fully well that my friends are not based in Lagos.

While he was on his way to pick me, I kept dialing my friend’s number, it was still switched off, so I gave up and when Taiye came, I could not believe my eyes. He looked so handsome, with a neat haircut. He was putting on a designer’s long sleeve and a fine black chinox trouser. I couldn’t help but admire him.

I gave him a big hug, we got into his car and left the park. I felt so relieved.

He drove me to an eatery, I made my order. We both ate and headed for his house.

When we got to his house, I asked him to connect me with any of his female friends, so I can put up with them for the night.

Watch out for episode 10.

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