He broke my heart episode 8 😭😭😭


We talked about few other things, then Paul left.

Few minutes after he left, my boss at work called to check up on me.

When I was admitted in the hospital, I called her to inform her that I was sick, but I did not tell her what really happened. She asked when I will be returning to work. I told her, the following week I would resume and she was very okay with it.

My boss is a very good woman. She favours me in the office. She great me as if I were her daughter’s she would always say: “My beautiful Jenny, you remind me so much of my late daughter”.

Her daughter died of leukemia. She has the children. Two boys and my namesake, her late daughter.

There are times she invites me to her house and each time I honour her invitation, I help her with house chores. She treats me like a daughter indeed, and she is one of the persons who has spent so much on my wedding preparations and can’t wait to witness my big day.

I became sad on remembering what had happened. I quickly waved the thought, making up my mind to seek her counsel when I resume work the following week.

I then had a nudge in my spirit to seek God concerning the issue and not take a rash decision based on the temporary situation on ground.

I quickly went on my knees and poured out my heart to God, explaining the situation to Him as if He was not in the picture. I told Him about my fears, confusions and how I’m stuck and don’t know what next to do.

I was sincere in my prayers. 

After praying, I picked a book on my shelf and the title is “Forgiving and letting go”. I quickly picked the book, hoping to learn how to truly forgive Tope and letting go of him, but then I was disappointed in the first chapter “letting go of hurts”.

I closed the book and said “why should it be letting go of hurts, and not letting go of offenders?”

My spirit man kept nudging me to read the book, that’s how I read five chapters that night and all I kept seeing was “What would Jesus do?”.

I closed the book and whispered to God.

“Dear Jesus, what will you do if you were in my shoes? Will you forgive Tope and still marry him?”

I heard a voice say,

“On the cross, I was in pains. Yet I forgave an offended who pleaded for mercy. You are not altogether perfect also; I have forgiven you times without number. There is no big sin or small sin, all sins are sins in my sight. Fornication is not greater than lies.

You remember Stephen? He forgave those who stoned him to death”.

“But, Jesus, this is so hard”. I cried.

“Going to the cross was also very hard for me”, do you know the level of pain I went through on the cross”.

Watch out for Episode 9, and know how the discussion with the Jesus ended.

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