He broke my heart 😭😭😭 Episode 4


Tara went on her knees

“Babe, I’m sorry. I can explain. Tope actually seduced me, he deceived me and I don’t even know how I fell for his cheap talks and deceit, he said I was better than you in all ramification. He said it’s actually me he loves and not you. I don’t know how I fell for him”

“Like seriously?” was what came out from my lips. 🙄🙄đŸ˜ŗ😏😏

“Tara, please leave and spare me all this trash”. I said.

Paul then came in, gently pushed her outside, and closed my door.

I quickly went to my window to watch them leave. Paul walked to his car and without saying a word to Tara, drove off. Like a wounded lion, she left.

After the whole drama, my sister came back and I was wondering why she always come home when all our dramas end. I sha gisted her all that happened.

“Sis, I wish I was at home to teach your Tara a lesson, I really missed this drama”. 🤔

“Don’t worry, I leave her to God”. I said.

“God, kini 😲 she must pay for what she has done”. My sister said.

I began to sob violently again. My sister held me close, I could see that she was fighting tears too. 😭😭😭😭…. It was an emotional moment for I and my sister. I had always been the one with a lion heart in my house. Things hardly break me… For me to be crying this hard, my sister knew I was broken truly….

“God, where are you? Why me? Where have I gone wrong?”. 💔💔 I was heartbroken truly….


My sister comforted me with the following words……

“Sis, I may not know the extent to which you are hurting, but I know what it means to be betrayed by a friend. Do you remember when my best friend hurt me some years ago by snatching my fiance?

Do you remember how you told me to let go? ☚ī¸ It was not easy but I had to forgive and let go, and even thought I’m still not in a relationship, I’m happy.

I want you to first of all thank God for letting you know this side of Tope before entering his house as his wife. What if you were married to him already and then he cheats on you? Can you walk away?

You should sincerely tell God, thank you for delivering you from the hands of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I want you to let go of this hurt and allow the Holy Spirit heal you. He is an expert in healing the wounded and broken.

Forget about what people would say, call your pastor and talk to him about it. Also, do call mummy and tell her about it. God loves you that’s why He allowed you to witness this….

Don’t low the devil laugh at you for just lamenting and crying without running to your source, which is God”.

By the time my sis was done talking to me, I felt as though a heavy load was lifted from my head. I cleaned my eyes and stopped crying. I saw sense in all that she said. I decided to call my pastor. When he picked, the first thing he said, without even saying hello was,

“Jesus loves you, He understands all that you are going through and He will show up for you daughter, He will give you beauty for ashes, double for all your pains”.

Have you been heartbroken before? If yes, then I’m sure you can relate to this better.

Sometimes this heartbreak thing is a generational thing. What people call “village people”. 😂😂😂😂😂

Anyways episode 5 is gonna be hot 💃💃💃….

Read and drop your comments. I look forward to reading them.

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