He broke my heart 😭😭😭 Episode 2


On this day, I and Tara went out on a “besties date”, which was a norm for us, at least once in a week. 

People envied our friendship, because we were the real definition of best friendship……😋

We ordered for suya and waina (masa) with drinks. While eating, we talked about the ordeals of the week, our relationships, our work, future, and we talked about God.

After the hangout, we parted ways….

She went back to her place, I also went back to mine…..

On getting to my house, I realized that I forgot my phone inside her bag, as I did not go out with my purse.

I quickly took a cab and went to her place. On getting there, I knocked at her door. She answered me but took long to open the door.

I was almost becoming impatient, but then I badly needed my phone so I had no option but to be patient. 😔

And after what seemed like eternity, she opened the door, and was like “Bestie, am sorry, as soon as we parted ways, I discovered that I started my period, so I was washing myself, that was why it took me long to open the door”….

“It’s fine; I forgot my phone inside your bag, that’s why I came to get it”. I said.

Tara’s disposition was that of uneasiness. But then I did not even bother, I thought maybe it’s her period destabilizing her.

She entered her room to get my phone for me.

I wanted sitting on the cushion, when my leg mistakenly hit the iron underneath her cushion and something caught my attention. I saw a familiar snicker, just one leg though. The snicker looked so much like Tope’s.

I immediately discarded the thought, saying to myself “What will Tope’s shoe be doing in Tara’s place; maybe a friend of hers visited and left it there”.

Mysterious sontin ☚ī¸â˜šī¸

Tara came out with my phone… I was in a hurry as I had some work to do at home, which I’m to submit at my place of work the following day…..

I quickly hugged Tara and left for my house….

The image of that snicker stucked to my mind’s eye, but I could not fathom why……

I jerked back to reality, still in the hospital. I checked my phone. It was 3am……. I began to sob quietly…. Then I drifted to the land of dreams, where there was no pain…… Then someone gently tapped me…. I opened my eyes and what I saw scared me and brought back those haunting memories that has lingered for the past few hours….

I was really heartbroken…

The state of my heart

Guess who?? 🙄🙄

Well, I also don’t know him….

I saw an unfamiliar face…….

I wanted to scream and to tell the stranger to get out, but his smiles melted my heart…… I calmed myself down, and asked “who are you”.

He said “Paul”
“Okay, are you looking for someone”? I said.

“No! I came here to see you”….

“But I can’t remember knowing or seeing you from Adam, so how comes you came here to see me”? I asked with confusion written all over me.

“Don’t worry, I will explain, but for now, how are you feeling”. Paul said.

“I’m fine, just slight headache. Please help me call the nurse I want to be discharged. I’m fine now and good to go home”. I said.

So, the stranger went out of my room to call the nurse. I tried recalling his face but it was as though my brain and memories were far from me at that moment.

Then as if someone brought my memories and handed them over time 😁. I remembered seeing his face the day I caught Tara and Tope having sex. 😩😩….. I knocked at the gate, no one opened.

I persisted, then this young man came to the gate to open it, but when he saw me, he went back inside and I was wondering why he would not open the gate for me. 😔.

I continued knocking, then after some minutes, he came and opened the gate for me, and without a word, he turned and left…. As I was still lost in the “school of thoughts’. My door gently opened and I was discharged. This stranger helped me up, I was too weak to resist. All I wanted that moment was to get to my house and think.

When we got to the outskirt of the hospital, I thanked him and told him to leave, and that I would be fine.

He said he can’t leave, until he helps me get to my house, as I was not in the right frame of mind.

I did not want to argue with him. Shebi all I wanted was to get to my my house 🙄 and really have time for myself (I needed to cry 😭😭😭).

Then he walked to one side of the hospital, drove a car, and asked me to enter. I didn’t want to enter the car of a stranger, especially since I remembered seeing him in Tope’s place.

He pleaded and said “I mean no harm, all I want to do right now is to take you home please”………. I said “okay” and entered the car.

While in the car, he introduced himself. “I’m Paul, I work with First Bank. How about you”.

I said “Don’t bother. I’m fine”. He smiled and said “Okay”.

He didn’t say a word, only when he asked for the direction to my house. I did not say a word either. I was lost in my own world and all I wanted was to get to my house. That was all I wanted.

Then we got to my house. I alighted, told him thank you………

Then I saw someone right in front of my house…… Guess who?? 😌😌😌

Question: Was I being rude to this kind stranger?? Do you think there was a connection between the snicker I saw in Tara’s house and the relationship between them?

Let me get your answers in the comment box, it’s very important.


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